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Become a leader in team building and make a difference in the world.

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Embracing "NEW" habits and solutions in the workplace

Educate and empower your employees to communicate, trust and make a safe contributing difference in the workplace.

Rose’s main priority is to ensure you have a productive and healthy workplace. With her 90-minute presentation, you’ll be able to empower yourself and your team during these critical times.

Maintain and increase your business morale, productivity, and workflow in a safe and healthy environment. Learn more about the precautions, protocols, and tools you can implement in your workplace today.

What you can learn from Rose:

Empower your employees and build awareness in the workplace


Educate about the myths and facts about the new virus.


Prevention tools and guidance.


Create protocols and strategies for a safe workplace.


Building a Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Providing a learning culture that empowers and brings awareness to all.

Empower your team to be part of the solution and make them leaders of the workplace with knowledge, precautions, protocols, and tools.
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Build your team up through:

Team moral and trust tasks


Communication skills exercise


Overcoming fear in the workplace exercise


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Learn *

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Rose will educate you on:

Protocols for proactive daily routines and sanitation of workspace


Prevention tools to keep a healthy work environment


Travel Safety and Meetings


Awareness and facts about infectious germs


* Offsite retreat training is an option
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Discover how you can achieve better:

Business productivity




Team culture


Building Talent Dynamics In The Workplace

Focus on your team’s strengths and help them excel at what they do best.

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Is your team having communication issues or it just simply feels like everyone is out of sync?

Team talent dynamics is a central, and often forgotten, part of a business. It involves and affects how a business operates, from an individual in a team to the company as a whole, or to the entire marketplace.

If your team isn’t working well together, it could have a negative impact on your business. This could lead to a decrease in accuracy levels and motivation, increased absences, and an unhealthy degree of competitiveness around the workplace.

We can help you change that with our team-building approach. It includes a Talent Dynamics profile assessment for each team member in your company.  This individual tool allows teams to focus on their strengths and excel at what they do best.

Benefits of this toolkit:

Understand the 8 Profiles on the Talent Dynamics Spectrum


Discover and understand the talent profile of each team member


Learn new ways to work together


Improve team dynamics and workflow


Increase job satisfaction and business productivity


Create a supportive work environment


Incorporate trust, productivity, health, and safety into the workplace


How to Align Passion and Purpose With Business

Embrace your passions to complement your work.

We all have personal passions (what we love most) and personal talents (what we do best). However, we often fail to bring them together but what would happen if we did?

Rose partnered with New York Times bestselling authors of the book "The Passion Test", and is now a Certified Passion Test Consultant.

She uses the passion and purpose empowerment tools, in combination with the talent dynamic tool, to provide a new outlook in life. Learn how to redesign, learn, live, earn, and give in a way that sparks passions and purpose.

Connect your team and customers to their passions in a way that creates a powerful and lasting impact. 

Benefits of this toolkit:

Deliver empowerment to those around you


Create a call to action to design a life that fits individual passions and talents in business and at home


Learn and understand how others’ passions and talents can help them serve better


Build stronger teams that complement each other


Learn the 5 elements that explain how we learn, lead, live, and love most naturally.


Create the right home and work environment to live with passion and purpose


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  • My life has been in enhanced by meeting and connecting with Rose. Even though we live on opposite sides of the world, from our meetings in Bali and South Africa, together with the power of social media & genius U we have built a precious friendship. Rose is a woman of integrity, with energy and presence that lights up a room and with everyone she comes in contact. As the key "go-to lady" in the US entrepreneurial scene, she genuinely cares, supporting others authentically and providing high quality value at all her events. I would highly recommend partnering with Rose on any of her events and travel opportunities worldwide.

    - Catherine Ord

  • Rose is a dynamo supporter with so many great ideas. Over 4 days Rose was in my office project managing and helping transfer our education platform on to GeniusU. She also helped me shape my marketing messages and promotion strategy. Super fun to work with and a wealth of information. I'd gladly have her come into my business again and support me through such a big project again.

    - Nicola Grace

  • Rose is the epitome of a supporter - even before you know you want or need help, she's already offered it! She seems to have an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm and has an incredible ability to see right through to the heart of you. Rose knows and gets people and as a consequence is an unstoppable force of fun who gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it!

    - Rosie Harries

  • If you are in the USA and you aren't yet connected with this amazing lady, then I highly recommend you make this a priority!! Rose is one of GeniusU's top city leaders, running events regularly and being an amazing help and supporter to all who come into her sphere of influence. Travel with Rose and live a life of adventure and personal development at the same time!

    - Michelle Clarke

  • Rose is the perfect example of a great supporter, she glows with *fun*, she invented the word I think. Rose is a powerful woman who has lots to bring to her City Circle and beyond and can be trusted in making this a huge success! Looking forward in seeing your ongoing journey and hope to meet you again soon Rose.

    - Roosmarijn Haring

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