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As a life-long entrepreneur, Rose Tafoya is a true expert in all aspects of team building and team management. With over 30 years of experience and ongoing education, Rose has come to one conclusion: Knowledge is power.

With this life philosophy, Rose has committed herself to contribute her expertise, knowledge, and support to transform the lives of professionals and business leaders. She specializes in helping others achieve personal and professional success.

Everything Rose offers is designed to help you find your pathway towards a life of true purpose and passion in life. All her services and products promote confidence, clarity, brilliance, and personal and business growth in the most natural way possible.
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Meet Rose Tafoya

People connector, supporter, mentor, traveler, and event planner.

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Her Purpose

Rose's true purpose in life is her love for people. She's made it a priority to help others discover their talents and guide them towards a pathway filled with fun, purpose, love, and peace.

Her Passion

One of Rose’s biggest passions is motivating others to transform themselves and achieve success in their lives. As a certified entrepreneur mentor, she guides those in need of unleashing their true potential.

Her Experience

She has 30+ years of experience in new business development, sales, event and project coordination, marketing, executive team building management, communication, and networking. She's also the author of I of A Tiger and a contributing author to Women Change The World.

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Rose Tafoya commenting while holding a microphone
Rose has had the honor and privilege to work (and play!) with some of the greatest minds that have shaped the world we live in today. She's also an author of I of A Tiger and contributor to Women Change the World, and she has been a prolificate creator of many educational resources that continue to inspire other thought leaders to work alongside her.
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  • Rose is a beautiful soul... her love of life flows through everything she says and does. If you want to do anything on the West Coast of the US, speak to Rose :)

    - Alexander Inchbald

  • Rose is an outstanding leader, a positive energy and an exceptional connector!

    - Amy Riccardi

  • Wonderful lady, can not wait to see what she has in store for 2018!!

    - Stacey Webber

  • Rose has a beautiful and bright spirit and is a fantastic leader with an amazing ability to pull people together. I highly recommend her as a mentor!

    - Jonathan Acutt

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You Are Not Alone

Rose is no ordinary mentor! For her, genuine personal connections come first, giving advice, second. She wants to get to know you to understand better how to help you. With her, you’ll experience a unique empowerment process in which you’ll be the star.

Experience That Inspires

In her journey, Rose has gained experience in many aspects of personal and professional development. Not only is she a certified entrepreneur mentor but she is also the founder of GeniusETC, a transformation workshop facilitator, public speaker, product builder, novel writer, and an amazing mom!

Part of Your Solution

Striving to be better is always a challenge, especially when you don’t know how or where to start. Through Rose’s Toolkits, you’ll be empowered to learn and become a leader who makes a difference in your personal and professional life.

Check Out Rose Tafoya's Survival Toolkit

These must-have items will get you through your hardest workdays.

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Rose's Toolkit provides expertise, resources and the Young Living opportunity to build a healthy home and work environment.  Survival is more than just physical health, it includes a wellness-focused lifestyle and environments with pure whole life solutions.

Empowering individuals and teams to claim their best toxic free healthy life and success at home and business is Rose's mission.

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Rose's Empowerment Toolkits

Rose Tafoya offers a variety of unique workshops to bring awareness and empowerment to your workplace. 

With her creative approach, she’ll help you discover your needs and explore the empowerment tools and connections you may be looking for. Rose listens, takes your vision and ideas, and makes it happen!
Building a Healthy and Productive Work Environment
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Your Workplace
Building Talent Dynamics in the Workplace
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Your Strengths
How to Align Passion and Purpose with Business
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Your Vision
Open Communication On COVID-19
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Make A 

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